TGR’s Stoke the Fire teaser

Posted Nov 01 2021

"TGR’s Stoke the Fire explores our athletes’ evolution within skiing and the pure joy that manifests from that process. The stoke means different things to different people based on where they are in their evolution. "

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Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells' Deviate - full film

Posted Dec 22 2020

"The first backcountry project from legendary shredders Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells, featuring the duo alongside some of the heaviest hitting rippers in the industry." Deviate - full film.

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Bobby Brown's Tilted Perspectives - full film

Posted Dec 18 2020

"Tilted Perspectives challenged us to see the world through a different lens. Our goal was to highlight the creativity of backcountry skiing with a variety of unique perspectives."

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Skivas - full film

Posted Dec 10 2020

"Coline Ballet-Baz introduces her new project Skivas featuring 10 of the best female skiers and snowboarders during the 2019/2020 season. The 100% female film proves that these ‘Ski/Divas’ are pushing the boundaries of freedom, creativity and sisterhood on and off the mountain."

"Coline Ballet-Baz and Friends Are Redefining Female Freeski"

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LJ Strenio and Vincent Prévost in Rendez-vous - full short film

Posted Nov 19 2020

"Nestled in the Pacific Northwest is a place of legend, Mount Baker. A quiet but proven place where skiers and snowboarders come for the endless potential of the terrain. Seeking a new playground, LJ Strenio and Vincent Prévost set to rendez-vous at Mount Baker."

"And it proved to be exactly that, an endless landscape of rolling, powder-caked mountains. It’s no wonder why people have been coming here for decades to play on the slopes of the northern Cascade Mountains."

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